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Think solar panels, but for water

Like solar panels, blue bins and low-energy lightbulbs, rainwater harvesting is an easy way to make your home or business more sustainable, whilst also harnessing a local renewable resource.

Your sustainable water supply

More than simply a water butt, rainwater harvesting system helps you reduce your dependence on mains water by collecting large volumes of rainwater from your roof, filtering it, storing it and pumping it to where it’s needed around your property. This cuts your water bills and water-related CO2 footprint by up to 63%. Moreover, rainwater harvesting also helps reduce localised flooding incidents by limiting the flow of rainwater into storm drains, leading to less property damage.

You’re already collecting rainwater, then losing it all

Your home, office, factory or building is one big rainwater collector. Every time it rains, hundreds of litres of fresh, clean water drain off the roof and down the pipes, the problem is all that fresh, naturally filtered water then goes down the drain and into the sewers. All the while, you’re paying for mains water to flush toilets, wash clothes, clean your car and water the garden. All you need to do is divert that rainwater to a tank and pump it to where you need it and you’re suddenly saving up to 50% on your water bill, 63% if you’re a business! At the same time you’re cutting your CO2 emissions by the same percentage.

Installing a rainwater harvesting system used to mean finding, trusting and paying up to five different companies, with you as the project manager. Not any more though. At evridrop, we manage the whole install for you, giving you one point of contact and a completely seamless experience. All you have to do, is turn the tap.

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Save Money. Cut Your Carbon.

Your property is already collecting free rainwater, you just need a way to store it and use it. By creating access to your rainwater, you can reduce domestic mains water usage by up to 50% (up to 63% in a commercial property), lowering annual bills by the same amount. And because it takes 1.3kwh of electricity to pump a cubic metre of mains water, using rainwater to flush your toilets, clean your clothes and water your garden will also cut your carbon footprint.

Cut Your CO2

Cleaning and pumping mains water produces carbon, using rainwater doesn’t.

Save Money

On a meter? Using rainwater from your roof can cut your mains water bill in half.

Be More Natural

Rainwater is completely renewable, uses no energy and doesn’t affect wildlife habitats.

You′re 75% There

You have a roof, gutters and a down-pipe, all you need is somewhere to store your rain.

Use rainwater, cut your carbon footprint

You may not think about your water usage as a way to reduce your carbon footprint, but It takes quite a bit of energy to treat and deliver mains water to a property. The energy required is 1.2kWh of electricity for every cubic metre of water, this results in 0.65kg of CO2 emissions for every cubic metre you use. In English, this means that each individual in your property will produce 35.5kg of CO2 through mains water usage every year. Rainwater harvesting alone can more than halve this, just get in touch and we’ll pop round for a site assessment.

Domestic mains water usage

replaceable by rainwater

Toilet Flushing






Jet Washing


Commercial mains water usage

replaceable by rainwater

Toilet Flushing






Less chemicals. Less detergent. Less pollution.

Filtered rainwater is the perfect partner for your washing machine, it’s naturally soft (containing no calcium or magnesium deposits) and leaves no limescale in the system. Washing your clothes in soft water also requires less detergent and energy, helping to reduce water pollution and your carbon footprint.

Making it easier for you to use rainwater

Rainwater harvesting technology has come a long way in the last 10 years, driven by Government initiatives and consumer desire to be more sustainable. Unfortunately, the industry is still heavily focused on technical specifications and selling to middle-men, leaving homeowners and businesses with more questions than answers and no easy solution.

At evridrop, we’ve made rainwater harvesting easy for everyone. Now you can go from enquiry to using your rainwater through one friendly company. See how much rain you can collect and book your free cost calculation today.

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