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Rainwater harvesting for your home or business

domestic rainwater harvesting

From stylish above ground units to large tank underground systems, evridrop domestic rainwater harvesting packages are designed to suit your property and help you use the maximum amount of your annual harvest.

Commercial Harvesting Systems

commercial rainwater harvesting

Designed to deliver large-scale savings for business properties, evridrop commercial rainwater harvesting systems can be used to supply toilets, pressure washers, manufacturing processes and more.

Our trusted partners

rainwater tanks

A family owned and family run business from Northamptonshire, Marsh Industries manufactures high-quality commercial and domestic rainwater harvesting systems. Working with the latest in rainwater tank design, Marsh rainwater harvesting systems deliver a variety of solutions for all different applications.

rainwater harvesting liverpool

We’ve partnered with experienced drainage specialists Gordon Hatton and Co to perform all evridrop rainwater harvesting installations. Gordon Hatton and Co are a family run business who have been undertaking drainage work for over 50 years, building an enviable reputation for honesty and quality of service.

rainwater harvesting systemsGarantia manufactures award-winning rainwater harvesting tanks with a focus on style and design. Their range of systems are helping harvesting move away from the classic green water butt by the shed and towards a major part of domestic and commercial sustainability.

Making it easier for you to use rainwater

Rainwater harvesting technology has come a long way in the last 10 years, driven by Government initiatives and consumer desire to be more sustainable. Unfortunately, the industry is still heavily focused on technical specifications and selling to middle-men, leaving homeowners and businesses with more questions than answers and no easy solution. Great news for us.

Through Evridrop, we’ve made rainwater harvesting easy for everyone. Now you can go from enquiry to installed with one very friendly company. See how much rain you can collect, book a free calculation today.

See how much rain you could harvest.
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