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What is Rainwater Harvesting?

You’re probably familiar with the basic form of rainwater harvesting – a water butt connected to a down-pipe. Simply turn the plastic tap and fill your watering can with free rainwater. The possibilities of modern harvesting go way beyond this, the latest systems allow you to collect all the rainwater that falls on the roof of your property, filter it, store it and then pump it to your washing machine, toilets and external taps.

What are the benefits of rainwater harvesting?

The main three are benefits are lower water bills, a reduced environmental impact and helping to cut the risk of localised flooding. Rainwater can replace up to 50% of domestic mains water usage and up to 63% in a commercial property, lowering annual bills by the same amount. By using rainwater to flush toilets, clean clothes and water the garden you’ll also cut your CO2 emissions. It takes 1.3kwh of electricity to pump a cubic metre of water to your property – the less you need, the lower the carbon cost of your water supply.

How does harvesting reduce the risk of flooding?

Rainwater harvesting systems also help reduce flooding by holding back storm water and slowly releasing it into either drains or soak away over time. This helps prevent sewer systems and water courses from becoming over-stressed and flood risk is reduced. You can read in more detail about the benefits, including why it’s ‘up to 63%’, why your clothes will be softer and how you’ll be the envy of your neighbours on our rainwater harvesting benefits page.

What if I’m not on a meter?

If you pay a flat rate no matter how much water you use, you need to be aware of how the water market is going to change. In 2017, the commercial water industry will open up and work in a similar way to gas and electricity, so instead of having one option for your mains water supplier, you’ll be able to choose from all suppliers across the UK. Domestic supply will probably follow shortly after.

This will increase competition and providers will be keen to ensure they are billing you the right amount, resulting in the probable roll-out of meters for all properties. By installing a rainwater harvesting system now, you’re one step ahead and who knows, suppliers may even offer discounts for customers with lower comparable usage needs.

Can any property harvest rainwater?

Yes. If you have a solid roof and downpipes then you have a free rainwater supply. Install an evridrop harvesting system and you can collect your rainwater for use around your property.

I don’t have a lot of outside space, where will the tank go?

We have a range of slim line tanks, perfect for side passages. Alternatively we have concealed patio planter tanks and buried systems, all low maintenance and perfect for properties tight on space.

Do I need planning permission?

No, there’s no structural work or changes to your roof needed. You may need your roof repairing and downpipes renewing for system efficiency, but that’s all.

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