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Business benefits of commercial rainwater harvesting

Commercial rainwater harvesting systems deliver a number of benefits for business-owners and can be installed on almost any building. All you need is a roof, gutters, a down-pipe and room for a tank to store the rainwater, the tank can be either above ground or buried depending on the size needed and space available.

commercial rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems use your existing gutters

Commercial rainwater harvesting can save a typical organisation 63% on their annual water bill by replacing mains water used to flush the toilets and urinals with rainwater. It’s a perfect swap, instead of flushing expensive drinking water down the toilet, you switch to pure, natural, free rainwater collected off your own roof. We even have a range of sticker signs you can put up in washrooms to tell employees and customers that you flush with renewable, natural rainwater. Which brings us on to another benefit, sustainability. But first, harvesting in action at Marshalls, a leading UK manufacturing company…

Marshalls implemented a water recycling system at its Ramsbottom site. Its 5,000 m2 roof-harvested rainwater was stored in two 40,000 gallon tanks. This added nearly 3 million litres of water into the production process, helping to reduce annual mains water consumption by 95%. The whole water-saving initiative cost £250,000, however, the total financial saving is estimated at £175,000 a year, giving a payback period of just 15 months.

Rainwater is more sustainable

Sustainability is about not taking too much from nature and not negatively impacting on your local environment. Unfortunately, a typical building creates a sustainability problem – hard surfaces such as tarmac, concrete and brick prevent natural soak away and cause a flood risk by channeling all rainwater into the sewer system. Whats more, an organisation’s need for mains water increases the requirement to pump water from rivers, lakes and reservoirs, taking from ecosystems and increasing CO2 emissions through the electricity needed to pump that water.

By harvesting your rainwater, you go a long way to removing these problems and creating a business that is more environmentally sustainable. Instead of all your rainwater going into the sewers, it gets stored in your tank and used in your building, reducing the load on the drainage network. As a result of this, you mains needs are reduced, so are your CO2 emissions and you take less water from natural habitats. Just by installing a commercial rainwater harvesting system, you’ve made a significant improvement in the impact your business has on the environment and that’s something to be proud of. Which brings us onto another major benefit, brand image.

Coolings Nurseries at Knockholt near Sevenoaks in Kent installed a rainwater capture system which collects 7 million litres of rainwater each year. The nursery now supplies almost 75% of its own water needs, saving over £2,000 a year. Runoff onto neighbouring properties has also been reduced, and instances of flooding on site have been drastically decreased.

Give your brand eco-power

Like solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems are a way your business can harness a free natural resource to reduce bills. But by harvesting rain you’re also making a statement that being green is important to you, and that makes you an attractive company to do business with. The world has never been more concerned with sustainability and consumers, from major corporates to high street shoppers, are increasingly using green credentials to help them choose who to buy from. By harvesting rainwater you give yourself a connection with a great number of your customers, you care what impact you have and you gain trust as a result.

At evridrop, we help businesses, councils, charities put their green commitment into action right across their organisation, from flushing toilets and watering grass to supplying production needs and feeding cooling systems. Our range of commercial rainwater harvesting systems suit any building or site and our Rainergy service helps you understand how your organisation can get the most of the rainwater that falls on your buildings.

Like electricity and gas, water is an energy source and we believe organisations need to see it as this in order to start taking control of their water needs, lower bills and redirect that money into growing the business.

ENHANCED CAPITAL ALLOWANCE The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme 1 enables businesses to claim 100% first year capital allowances in investment in rainwater harvesting equipment named in the Water Technology List. The following equipment is supported: • monitoring and control equipment • rainwater filtration equipment • rainwater storage vessels • rainwater treatment equipment


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Making it easier for you to use rainwater

Rainwater harvesting technology has come a long way in the last 10 years, driven by Government initiatives and consumer desire to be more sustainable. Unfortunately, the industry is still heavily focused on technical specifications and selling to middle-men, leaving homeowners and businesses with more questions than answers and no easy solution. Great news for us.

Through Evridrop, we’ve made rainwater harvesting easy for everyone. Now you can go from enquiry to installed with one very friendly company. See how much rain you can collect, book a free calculation today.

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