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Our Mission

Evridrop’s goal is to help every property-owner use their rainwater. We’ll achieve this through our harvesting systems and by redefining rain as a useful, free natural resource.

Why we do it

As a team, we install and manage rainwater harvesting systems in homes and businesses to make a positive difference to society. Whether that be the financial savings made by an evridropper, a smile when a rainwater-fed toilet is flushed, the sustainability achieved by a business, the reduced flood risk or lower CO2 emissions.

It’s about doing what we can

We created evridrop to give people a way to be more sustainable. We’re not the first to do it and we won’t be the last, but we believe we’re more customer-centric than any other rainwater harvesting business. Whether we’re hired by a Council, developer, architect or individual – we’re working for the end-user: the school, home-owner or business that’ll be using their free, pure rainwater to flush toilets, wash clothes or water the garden.

Oh and it all began with a chat while walking up a very wet Moel Famau in North Wales – we just couldn’t stand to see all that pure, useable rainwater going to waste.

Our goals

Empower Property Owners

Your property is one big rain collector, yet most of us let this precious resource simply drain away into the sewers. The good news is, it’s easy to start using your rainwater to lower your household bills and increase your sustainability. Rainwater harvesting systems from evridrop let you take control of your rainwater by diverting it to a storage tank and making it available for use around your property.

Sustainable water use

We all use drinking water to flush the toilet, when free, clean rainwater is plentiful and available in every property. In fact, 50% of the mains water used by an average UK household can be safely replaced by rainwater. This includes washing clothes, dishwashing and watering the garden. It’s our aim to see all UK homes and businesses using rainwater, adding increased sustainability to UK homes and businesses.

Cut mains water usage

Over 4 billion litres of mains water is pumped to UK households and businesses every year, the energy required to pump that volume of water is tremendous. By cutting our dependence on processed water, we not only save money but also significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Around 32 billion litres of water falls on UK homes and business in the same period, it’s our mission to help people use more of it.

Reduce flood risk

As we build more homes and businesses, so we create more hard surfaces, reduce natural soak away and increase the risk of flash floods. One of the most clear ways to prevent flooding is to reduce the amount of water entering the system during periods of heavy rainfall. Every building in the UK can do this by installing a rainwater harvesting system that collects the rain and releases it slowly over time. It’s a collective responsibility.

Making it easier for you to use rainwater

Rainwater harvesting technology has come a long way in the last 10 years, driven by Government initiatives and consumer desire to be more sustainable. Unfortunately, the industry is still heavily focused on technical specifications and selling to middle-men, leaving homeowners and businesses with more questions than answers and no easy solution. Great news for us.

Through Evridrop, we’ve made rainwater harvesting easy for everyone. Now you can go from enquiry to installed with one very friendly company. See how much rain you can collect, book a free calculation today.

See how much rain you could harvest.

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