Unlock the power of rain…

Cut your CO2

Cleaning and pumping mains water produces carbon, using rainwater doesn’t.

Save money

On a meter? Using rainwater from your roof can cut your mains water bill in half^.

Be more natural

Rainwater is completely renewable, uses no energy and doesn’t affect wildlife habitats.

You′re 75% there

You have a roof, gutters and a down-pipe, all you need is somewhere to store your rain.
^It’s true! Domestic rainwater collection delivers up to 50% savings. Figure is from BPEC – they’re Building Services and Engineering sector specialists.

Start today

Choose a location for your tank and select a design. Delivery is free, like your new water supply.

Step 1

Pick a tank

Rainwater butts have come a long way, choose the design and colour you love.

Step 2

Find a spot

Your tank should sit on a level surface, next to a downpipe. You won’t want to hide it.

Step 3

Connect it

Connect your tank to your downpipe to access your rain. Our guide and video can help.

Step 4

Use your rain

That’s it, start enjoying an unlimited supply of free, filtered rainwater.

You can use rainwater around your property

  • Garden watering

    Use nutrient-rich, natural water instead of mains and watch your plants thrive.

  • Jet washing

    Our pressurised systems let you wash your car with soft, pure water.

  • Irrigation systems

    Attach your rainwater harvesting unit to an irrigation system for automated rainfall.

  • Toilet flushing

    Why use drinking water when you could flush with free, clean rainwater instead.

  • Clothes washing

    Rainwater is better for your washing machine, uses less soap and leaves clothes feeling softer.

  • Manufacturing processes

    If your business uses water then you could make huge savings by using rainwater instead.

Create your own water supply

Shop rainwater tanks

Whatever the size or age of your property, a tailored evridrop system makes advanced rainwater usage easy and convenient. Our wide range of pressurised harvesting systems includes discreet slim-line above ground units and the latest below ground solutions.

Find out more

If you have a roof, gutters and a downpipe then you’re good to go. Urban or country, you can collect rain from a house, garage, shed or any outbuilding.

Not very. All you need to do is find a level spot next to your downpipe and connect the tank to the pipe. The most you’ll need to do is cut a section of your downpipe and drill a hole in a pre-marked spot on the tank.

No, all evridrop’s range of tanks are designed to suit a variety of property sizes, from garages right up to mansions, and everything in-between. A lot of our tank designs come in different sizes, so you can have the style you want and a capacity to suit your property.

Not much. You should check your gutters are clear of debris before installation, so that rainwater is flowing down your downpipe. The filter in the top of your tank should be rinsed every year, aside from that it’s just turn the tap and go.

Yes, all our tanks come with a 12-month Guarantee and because they’re highly engineered they’ll last a lifetime with just a little TLC now and again.

Delivery is free and always will be.