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Save Money. Cut Your Carbon.

Your property is already collecting free rainwater, you just need a way to store it and use it. By creating access to your rainwater, you can reduce domestic mains water usage by up to 50% (up to 63% in a commercial property), lowering annual bills by the same amount. And because it takes 1.3kwh of electricity to pump a cubic metre of mains water, using rainwater to flush your toilets, clean your clothes and water your garden will also cut your carbon footprint.

Cut Your CO2

Cleaning and pumping mains water produces carbon, using rainwater doesn’t.

Save Money

On a meter? Using rainwater from your roof can cut your mains water bill in half.

Be More Natural

Rainwater is completely renewable, uses no energy and doesn’t affect wildlife habitats.

You′re 75% There

You have a roof, gutters and a down-pipe, all you need is somewhere to store your rain.

Rainwater Harvesting, Made Easy. And Exciting.

We founded evridrop with a clear why: to make embracing sustainability easy and exciting, starting with rainwater.

When we launched in 2016, we saw an industry of tank manufacturers wondering why people weren’t buying their products. The answer was the industry wasn’t putting customers first, it wasn’t exciting homeowners and businesses to tap into their rainwater. We wanted to change that, and it became our why.

Our vision is a rainwater harvesting tank on every residential and business property in the UK, with owners or users fully engaged in collecting and using their rain. And we’re making it happen through great-looking, easy-to-install above ground rainwater tanks and a full, end-to-end service for larger below ground systems.

On Show, or Down Below

Whether you have a home or a business premises, want to water the garden or supply a production process, we have a system that supports your sustainable future.

domestic rainwater harvesting

Domestic Use

Rainwater tanks either above or below ground or some real stylish tanks for your garden.

commercial rainwater harvesting

Commercial Use

Bespoke surveys and fully installed systems, we have the right solution for your needs.

rainwater harvesting tanks

Housing Developments

We work with housing developers to ensure their development is working to the best ability in handling and using rain water effectively.

Above ground systems

From easy to install designer tanks that enhance your outdoor space, to the latest large-scale solutions, find the right rainwater storage for your property.

Below ground systems

Discover our end-to-end below ground rainwater harvesting service, encompassing a site survey, system recommendation, installation, onboarding and maintenance.

Use Rainwater Around Your Property

Watering plants is just the beginning, our range of tanks and systems allow you to use your free water supply both inside and outside your home or business.

Garden watering

Use nutrient-rich, natural water instead of mains and watch your plants thrive.

Jet washing

Our pressurised systems let you wash your car with soft, pure water.

Irrigation systems

Attach your rainwater harvesting unit to an irrigation system for automated rainfall.

Toilet flushing

Why use drinking water when you could flush with free, clean rainwater instead.

Clothes washing

Rainwater is better for your washing machine, uses less soap and leaves clothes feeling softer.

Manufacturing processes

If your business uses water then you could make huge savings by using rainwater instead.

Discover how much rain you could harvest.

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